We are one of the leading travel agencies, and our online travel portal brings you the best deals through prominent airlines. We must collect, utilize, and disclose personal details for our business functions and activities, creating and adjusting travel bookings on our client’s behalf. We are devoted to protecting the privacy of our clients and do not share their details with any third-party website.

The Privacy Policy shows how we secure the user details of travelers. This applies to all people who make use of the website.

We follow the guidelines of protecting the data and other legislation for processing the personal details you offer to us in association with the provision of travel services.

Corporate Details

We want you to share your details when you contact us; this will associate anyway but not restricted to:

Personal information such as name, date of birth, visa details, and additional information recognized by the status selection with any company accomplices.

Other Personal information, for example, is contact details, email addresses, and fax numbers. In addition, the facts and charging nuances merge with the cardholder’s name, card details, expiry date, and charging address. Also, the business-related information such as affiliation name, business title, and contact details of accomplices.

The travel details include hotel experience, visiting plans, food choices, contact details of destinations, comfort, and hotel information. Also, the response to complexities and market data passed on by us or our delegates to help the website.

Data Collection:

The website will gather non-personal details. We get and store every aspect of the data you provide while utilizing the website and collect the data through any other medium. This collaborates the data that can be used to remember, like the first and last name, your phone details, postal details such as email address, charging data, etc.

You can decide what sort of data you want to give us regarding your reservation, complete the pioneer profile, participate in the audit, introduce us to some solicitation, or start different exchanges through the website.

When you get the reservations done for some other individual, we will require the person's data to complete the process. If there is any change you want to make, it will be available through the record. We will get the two individuals alongside non-individual data about you from associates and other accessible sources to add to the record details. The data events will involve our address information and section data. Depending on the affirmation settings and that of your partners, we may use the data presented to some internet-based media suppliers considering the diverse area for giving the primary content.

There is no need to worry about sharing personal information, as all the details provided will be secured under our protection. Also, your data won't get shared by any outside party.

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Call And Get Unpublished Flight Deals